Even the Pros have bad days

Scott Kelby posts about how he totally botch some of what might have been great shots, not once, not twice, but three times during the same football game! Glad to know the pros can blow shots too. (and even admit to it!)

When I go back and review my photos from an outing, I try to learn from all those mistakes. “I should have upped my ISO here to get faster shutter speed”, is probably my most common error. I don’t want to loose detail to noise or just the lack of detail in higher ISOs, but if I don’t get the shot at all, what’s the point? So, I’m getting better at that.
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Gerber’s new Steady multitool has a tabletop tripod

This could be handy on a hike. I could see setting up a off camera flash on it if you are into lighting a “moment” in the woods. Maybe a mushroom or flower? Gerber Multitool
Or if you didn’t bring the big guns, just supporting a point and shoot as they probably intended is fine too. :)

The tool has a bunch of other implements in it too with a knife and 12 other tools, so it would be a great camping companion also. The Steady will ship in 2012 sometime and will cost $65.

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Shall We Play a Game?

Sorry, it’s not Global Thermal Nuclear War. It’s just chess, but it’s 151K worth of pieces! They guys at Lens Rentals apparently got board and made a chess set out of Nikon and Canon lenses. Check it out! Some more pictures. Just 10K to rent it for a week. :D

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Lightroom 3 Deal!

You can get Lightroom 3 for Mac or PC for $150, today only, from Buy.com! Great deal on good software. http://goo.gl/KmppN

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The Store is Open!

I’ve posted the first 20 photos up for sale at 500 Pixels! You can buy rights to the photos or get them as various types and sizes of prints and canvases! Help support my photography habit! Thanks for your support!

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I’m working on a new WP Theme.
Under Construction. LOL

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Vulture in Color

Vulture takes an interest in Astronomy.

Bays Mountain Vulture with Fall Color

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Photography Equipment on the Cheap (but good) Part 2

Part 2 is here! Best bang for the buck Flashs and flash related gear! (again, this is kind of Canon-centric but some of it is cross brand too)

Canon Speedlite 550EX TTL (~$210 from ebay)
You get slave and master functionality (with other Canon flashes that support it) just like the $400 580EX/EXii model and the same flash power. You don’t get weather proofing, camera adjustable settings, better build quality (it’s got a plastic hot foot).

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Photography Equipment on the Cheap (but good) Part 1

This is the first of a series of posts I’m going to do on the best bang for the buck camera/photo gear. (according to what I’ve used and researched) This will be mostly Canon based stuff, but some accessories like stands, tripods, fliters, etc. can be interchangeable.

Lets start out with Lenses! Continue reading

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Burj-Dubai tallest building in the world

Sauron in Dubai

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