Even the Pros have bad days

Scott Kelby posts about how he totally botch some of what might have been great shots, not once, not twice, but three times during the same football game! Glad to know the pros can blow shots too. (and even admit to it!)

When I go back and review my photos from an outing, I try to learn from all those mistakes. “I should have upped my ISO here to get faster shutter speed”, is probably my most common error. I don’t want to loose detail to noise or just the lack of detail in higher ISOs, but if I don’t get the shot at all, what’s the point? So, I’m getting better at that.

Just this weekend I had the chance to help shoot the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN. (with Fresh Air Photo) This mostly takes place in large tents with a couple of spot lights on the teller and whatever illumination the sun provides reflecting off or coming through the tent (depending on the tent). I was shooting with a Canon 40D and a 70-200 f/4 lens mostly, so I had to raise my ISO to 320-640 depending on what the sun was doing. They are mostly white tents, so I had to add about 2/3 stop exposure compensation also to get a full histogram. (except the one white and red striped one, which is another problem entirely!) The year before, I had to go to 1000 ISO at some point (with a 50 f/1.4) due to it being at night) I think it was also more overcast during the day and I was around 800 ISO) SO…I’m learning, or being forced, to raise my ISO when needed. I have many slightly blurry wolf photos to remind me it would be better to raise the ISO than have slightly blurry subjects.

Probably my second most common error is not looking at the histogram and not correcting the exposure when needed when the lighting (or subject matter) throws off the in camera meeter. I did pretty good at this at the above event though.

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